About Me

Dear Reader,

I would like to thank you for visiting this page. I’ve always been the type who’s more comfortable with written words than spoken ones. Though I must admit, I thought I overcame that fear and harnessed it into my advantage.

I guess not.

So here I am, still lost in written words. I have been exhausted with speaking too much and found that nobody ever listens best, anyway. I think this way, it becomes a choice. It is your choice to indulge yourself into my mind and see what you can find. This is a reflection of my thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Sometimes it may be as random as how it is, but hey, that’s just how the thought process works.

I am never that interesting; in fact I believe I am a bit too complicated to understand. I see the world in a different view, but on some days, I am just like you- struggling to cope, just trying to do it best day by day. I believe this is why people are so drawn to what writers write, because we immortalize your inner selves into being. It is funny how also hard it is to describe what we feel into words when expression is the drive that made us invent words.

If any of the works here connect with you, then it is my pleasure to do so, but forgive me if most of them are just a seemingly useless encounters of a bored mind. Nevertheless, I hope you still find some worth in it.


// hrh

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