3 Reasons to Check Out Redmond 


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Redmond, Washington is one of the most beautiful cities on the West Coast. Not only does Redmond boast a number of restaurants and shops, but the area is also a great place for families as well. People who live in Redmond will tell you that the sense of community in the city is one of the biggest things that makes the area such a great place to live. Whether you’re thinking about purchasing one of the Redmond houses for sale or are simply planning a trip there, here are three main reasons to check out Redmond. 

A Fun and Vibrant Downtown Scene 

One of the best things about Redmond is the exciting life the downtown area brings. With tons of restaurants, cafes and shops to choose from, Redmond makes a great place to go on a date or catch up with an old friend. Downtown Redmond is also known for being extremely walkable, and many of the city’s residents choose to walk to work or school rather than drive. The city also has a popular transit center, which provides easy access to nearby cities like Seattle. Downtown Redmond is especially popular among the millennial set, as living downtown provides a fun social scene and close access to bars and restaurants. 

Bicycling is Big 

Being that Redmond is so easy to get around in, many of the locals enjoy bicycling rather than driving each day. There are tons of bike lanes and trails that will take you just about anywhere you need to go in the city, and the city was even designated as a “Bicycle Friendly Community” by the League of American Bicyclists! The city of Redmond recently added “green” bike lanes throughout the city, as a way to promote biking over other modes of transportation. If you’re looking for a city that puts personal health and the environment first, Redmond may be the place for you. 

A Rich Culture 

One of the main things Redmond is known for is being home to the Microsoft headquarters. Tech fanatics of all kinds have been flocking to Redmond for years because of this, as well as the other cultural experiences the city has to offer. Aside from Microsoft, Redmond also boasts a number of theaters and performing arts centers, perfect for catching a play or listening to live music. On any given day, there is always something going on in Redmond, whether it’s a live poetry reading, wine tasting, or other cultural event. The rich culture and diverse local scene is just one of the things that makes Redmond so great, and definitely worth checking out if you’re ever in the area.

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